Avoid Litigation

Avoid litigation and keep decision making in your hands — instead of placing your dispute in the hands of a judge or a jury. Mediation allows the parties to meet with a mediator who can’t decide their case, but who can facilitate negotiations and often help them reach an agreement without expensive depositions, expert witnesses or a full and very public trial. Jill can help you reach an amicable resolution that’s speedy, affordable, voluntary and private.

Arbitration Can Save Time & Money

Arbitration is a private hearing where parties agree to submit their dispute to one or more neutral and objective arbitrators for resolution. Unlike a mediator, an arbitrator does decide your case. Arbitration can save time and money and keeps your disagreement away from the press, competitors and other prying eyes who watch public court files and open courtrooms. Jill is an experienced arbitrator with the training and temperament to be the objective decision-maker you can trust for a fair and thoughtful resolution.

-Member of the American Arbitration Association’s National Roster

-Member of the  American Health Lawyers Association National Roster of  Arbitrators

-Arbitrator, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

-Member of the Missouri Bar

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Meet Jill Winters

Jill is a 1980 graduate of the Washington University School of Law whose law practice and career as a corporate executive brought her in contact with virtually every area of business and law. From corporate compliance to H.R. and from real estate to healthcare, Jill has real-life experience that prepared her for service as a mediator and as an arbitrator.

Jill spent the majority of her career as a United Healthcare executive. “I signed on to serve as a mediator and an arbitrator because I have seen too many legislators, executives and purportedly knowledgeable professionals disagreeing about complex healthcare issues that they did not fully understand and embroiled in healthcare disputes that could have been easily resolved or avoided. I understand health insurance, and the laws, regulations and nuts-and-bolts of the healthcare business. I hope to help parties in this space better understand and resolve their disputes.”   — Jill Winters

Jill Winters' Resume
  • President, Jill Winters Arbitration and Mediation, LLC, 2014-present
  • President, United Healthcare, Medicare & Retirement, Central Region 2012-13
  • Chief Field Executive Officer, Medicare Solutions, United Healthcare, 2010-12
  • Various executive positions, United Healthcare, 1995-13
  • General Counsel, Secretary, Director of Human Resources, GenCare Management Company, 1994-95
  • Associate Counsel, GenCare Health Systems, Inc., 1992-94
  • General Attorney, Compliance Dept., A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., 1982-84
  • Associate, Robert Shive & Associates, 1980-82
  • Intern, Judge George Gunn, Missouri Court of Appeals, 1979
  • Intern, Office of the U.S. Attorney, 1979
  • Clerk, National Supermarkets, Legal Department, 1978
•  BS Washington University, 1977   •  JD Washington University School of Law 1980

Although the bulk of my professional life was spent at United Healthcare and its predecessors, I began my career practicing law in a number of diverse areas including securities compliance and commercial real estate leases at A.G. Edwards (now Wells Fargo).

I moved to healthcare in 1992 and served as in-house counsel and then General Counsel for GenCare Management Company, part of a St. Louis managed care provider. In 1995 GenCare was purchased by United Healthcare and after spending time in commercial insurance, regulatory affairs, public relations, and human resources, I moved to UHC’s highly regulated Medicare Advantage product.

At GenCare and UHC, I dealt with and managed a wide range of the issues that healthcare organizations face in commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, individual, group, fully insured and self-funded products. My responsibilities spanned sales, marketing, benefits, regulatory, litigation, H.R., P.R., and physician and hospital contracting.  I also worked extensively with physician capitation and understand payer issues.

I have over 20 years in the health insurance and managed care fields and understand the economics, regulations and operational challenges of government sponsored and private health insurance, as well as the PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) and ACO (Accountable Care Organization) models.

As a UHC executive, I heard and challenged divergent views from diverse sources before making decisions with significant implications. I dealt with complex legal and commercial issues and participated on teams that pursued and defended arbitrated claims.